Do you want to sell your property? We will help you with this. CD INVEST offers a full range of services for the sale of apartments and villas. You just need to contact our specialists with a request for a sale, and we will be happy to include your property in our database. To get started, you will need to fill out the form below, and one of the company's managers will contact you to get more detailed information. Or you can contact our specialists directly on the phones indicated on the site, or in, Whats App, E-mail. You will need to provide information about your property, which managers enter into a special form. This is data on the complex where the apartments are located (date of construction, infrastructure features, location, cost of maintenance, distance from the sea), as well as data on the apartment itself (number of rooms, area, layout, etc. Also a necessary condition is the presence of TAPU. You yourself indicate the amount that you would like to receive in your hands.If you have any doubts about the price, CD INVEST specialists will help you with an assessment of an apartment or villa.They will show the real range of prices for real estate in your area and complexes of a similar plan, to make it easier for you Today, CD INVEST has the largest database of real estate in Turkey, as you can see for yourself by visiting our website.We offer our clients not only new or under construction properties, but also resale property from the owner.



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