Buying Real Estate with Cryptocurrency in Turkey.

Can You Buy Property with Bitcoin in Turkey?

Yes, you can. Bitcoin and other exchangeable cryptocurrencies are highly-preferred in the Turkish real estate market. It is an important opportunity for crypto-asset holders to evaluate their earnings not only in online shopping but also in the real world.

Using cryptocurrency in real estate sales also facilitates the purchasing process and reduces the time required to close a transaction. It makes buying and selling a home easy when you are even hundreds of miles away from your buyer or seller.

Here are the steps:

Choose your dream property.

Purchase your dream property in Turkey.


Negotiate and Agree on Payment Terms.

Agree on terms of sale with property seller and payment schedule. You do not need to mention that you pay in crypto as we pay in fiat currency. CD Invest helps you convert crypto to fiat abroad.


Send Crypto.

Inform your agent that you want to pay in crypto. After we get your KYC (Know your customer) documents, you can send any cryptocurrency to CD Invest foreign crypto accounts in the international digital asset market.



We convert your cryptocurrency abroad from the real market price to fiat currency. After your cryptocurrency reaches our accounts, you can convert them whenever you want. We get your approval for timing and exchange rate.



Seller recieves real money.

Money comes to CD Invest bank accounts through international banks. USD Swift arrives in 2-3 days and EURO Swift in 5-7 days. After paying the seller, you get the title deed.


Accepted Cryptocurrencies for Property Sales in Turkey.

All cryptocurrencies that can be exchanged on platforms are accepted. People usually pay 60% Bitcoin, 20% USDT/USDC, and 10% Ethereum. These currencies have the most volume for real estate payments.


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