Approval from the Turkish State Committee of an acquired property in Turkey

When buying a property in Turkey, the most important document is the TAPU, Title Deed. The other important certificate is a confirmation that a property has been approved by the state committee in Turkey, known as ISKAN.


A real estate developer is obligatory to ensure the approval of a building, residential complex, or villa from the municipality after the construction completion. A certificate confirming the project commissioning is called the Completion Report, Genel Iskan.


When purchasing an apartment or a villa, as an independent residential unit, the new owner individually applies to the municipality for the Habitation Licence, Ferdi Iskan. This is a technical passport of the real estate, required to connect a purchased property to the urban water supply and power supply, as well as the gas line.


CDInvest Real Estate & Construction carefully examine all documents and sells completed real estate only with ISKAN, and projects under construction only from reliable developers with which have been working for many years and which, during that time, have commissioned many objects.