TAPU, the Title Deed, is the legal document establishing the absolute ownership right to the acquired property in Turkey.


After the conclusion of the purchase-sale contract and the performance of all procedures required to start the processing of the real estate, the agency, under a power of attorney from the client submits his/her documents to the office of property registration Tapu and Cadastre ( https://www.tkgm.gov.tr/tr ) of the city and the district where the property was acquired.


In Turkey, the only official state body performing and controlling the processing of paperwork for purchasing real estate is the Office of Cadastre and Tapu. This organization is the state guarantor of the legality and transparency of a transaction.


When getting positive responses from the relevant inspection bodies for foreign citizens, the Buyer receives the official document Tapu, confirming that the Title transfer from the seller to the new owner has been performed.


Registering and obtaining the Tapu, Title Deed, for a foreign citizen takes 1-3 days. The general rule of purchasing is that the full purchase price must have been paid by the time the buyer receives the Tapu, Title Deed. One or more individuals or legal entities may be real estate owners.

What kind of data are specified in the Tapu?







7-Number of development lot

8-Real estate type*

9-Total area of the development


11-Type of ownership**

12-Cadastral value

13-Purpose of the real estate

14-Owner’s land share in a real estate



17-Apartment number

18-Former owner and the reason for the Title transfer***

19-Real estate owner

20-Date of the Title transfer (registration of the Tapu)

21-Number in the cadastral register

22-The signature of the Head of the Tapu Office or a person authorized to sign on his/her behalf.



* There are three major types of real estate: Building Land, Residential Properties, Commercial Properties.


** KAT MÜLKIYETI means the ownership of real estate rights to the land and the completed residential property built on that.

** KAT IRTIFAKI means the ownership of real estate rights to the land and the ongoing residential property built on that.


** DEVRE MULK means that the owner buys only the right to use the real property for a short period in a year (a kind of timeshare).


*** A reason for the Title transfer may be as follows: sale (including using a mortgage), inheritance, gift, and others.


The Tapu can be in two different colors, red and blue. The Owner receives the Red Tapu after the completion of a project and obtaining a completion report. This is ownership of the residential property, an apartment, a villa, or commercial property. The Blue Tapu is given to the Owner of empty land.